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Biotek Microplate Washer

ELx800 Absorbance Microplate Reader

The ELx800™ is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical laboratory. Its compact footprint and proven robust design makes it an ideal solution for many microplate based biological assays. The ELx800 can be controlled by Gen5 software, expanding the reader’s capabilities to include kinetics and well area scanning measurements. Gen5 offers unsurpassed data reduction capability as well as customizable data output options. When standalone use is preferred, the ELx800 on-board software is extensive for a variety of qualitative and quantitative applications.

  • Multiple Plate Formats
    • 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well capability to meet a variety of assay needs
    • Specialized applications in 60-, 72-, and 96-well Terasaki formats
  • Superior Hardware Design
    • Ensures optimal performance
    • Provides reliable, long term use
  • On-Board Diagnostic Testing
    • System Test checks the entire optics path
  • Compact Footprint
    • Conserves valuable benchspace
  • Gen5 Data Analysis Software (optional)
    • Several editions of Gen5 are available to meet the assay and laboratory needs
    • Gen5CL is available for users who currently run assays from a custom assay database
    • Gen5 Secure (and Gen5CL) are both compliant to 21CFR Part 11



    ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader

    The ELx808™ Absorbance Microplate Reader provides the flexibility to manipulate and analyze your data. This multi-channel reader continues BioTek's tradition of offering the tightest specifications of any microplate reader - precise, accurate and repeatable. The ELx808 on-board diagnostic self-test and calibration test plate make it easy to confirm and document reader performance. All calculations are performed automatically. Combined with our history of quality hardware engineering, the ELx808 sets the standard for microplate readers.

    As a stand-alone microplate reader, the ELx808 is designed for applications within the following areas:

  • Agricultural
  • Biotechnology research
  • Cell biology
  • Cell counting
  • Cell proliferation
  • Clinical
  • Environmental
  • Food processing
  • Kinetic ELISA
  • LAL
  • Neuroscience


  • Extensive on-board data analysis, including
    • Data transformation formulas
    • Assay and control validation
    • Curve-fitting options: linear, 4-P, 2-P (logit/log), cubic, quadratic, cubic spline, point-to-point
    • Multiple assays per plate
  • Fast Kinetics
    • Measurements in intervals as short as 6 seconds
    • Kinetic rate, R2 or onset time reported without needing a PC
  • Linear well scanning for agglutination assays
  • 4-Zone™ Temperature Control
    • Incubation to 50ºC
    • Improved reproducibility in enzyme kinetic reactions
    • Enhanced uniformity through independently monitored heaters
    • Unique heated track/carrier design for minimal evaporation and edge effect
  • Superior optical design
    • Incorporates a staggered optical design to eliminate channel-to-channel crosstalk
    • Reference channel rolls optical signal for uniform channel-to-channel signal




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